Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting to Know You

Hello Hello Hello!!

Let's treat this as a "Getting to Know You"

I am a senior in college. Well, actually I am a senior about to graduate from the University of Arkansas. I walk on May 12!!
I majored in Interior Design and minored in Business Finance.
My favorite color is purple.
I love the little mermaid and the lion king...and aladdin :)
I love to dance, sing, and play board games.
My favorite disney resort is Animal Kingdom Lodge with Wilderness Lodge at a close second.
I love working with people.
I have one beta (Fabio), 3 goldfish (Anna, Julie, and Jefferson), 2 extra fish (a catfish and a sucker fish, idk what they are called) AND my wonderful puppy Jasper.

He is adorable right? Yes, I love him more than life. <3

I was accepted into the Disney College Program about 2 months ago and that is all that has been on my mind since. I will be a concierge at one of the resorts, don't know which one till I get there on August 20th!
See, it's official!

I have found a roommate and 4 suite mates!! It's going to be major fun! Rachel is my roomie, Amy and Amy are roomies and Natasha and Danielle! We are all super excited and have already started getting to know each other. Thank you google hangouts! haha

I plan on using this site to blog about the DCP experience and all things disney so get ready!

Tell me something about you!!

Love Love,