Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Time is NOW!

The wait is OVER. The time is NOW!

After counting down for over 180 days I am in Disney! I drove down from Arkansas in 2 days. 13 hours the first day and 3 hours the next! YAY me! I drove through fours states in one day which is a fun little thing to do for sure!

I got to Florida on the 19th and met all of my new roomies!! After sitting around talking for awhile we went to downtown Disney where we ate dinner at House of Blues, met more people who were checking in with us on the 20th at Ghirardelli, walked through World of Disney and stayed up till midnight talking.
All of us with Mickey ears on in World of Disney!

After eating and talking for hours we all went took a 3 hour nap to be up and going at 3am ALL because we wanted a specific apartment assignment. Sitting outside of Vista Way Apartments at 4am is defiantly an experience...and it will test your patience. In the end, it was all worth it because we got the very last 3 bedroom apartment in Chatham!! Exactly what we wanted!! Yes, God and Luck were on our side! Talk about a happy group of girls!

Here are a few pictures from check-in!
Left to Right: Natasha, Garrett, Amy Light, Danielle, Amy Graves, Rachel

Back to Front & Left to Right: Chris, Garrett, Rachel, Amy Light, Amy Graves, Danielle, Natasha, ME!

Amy Graves, Me, Danielle

The Amy Roomies!! Amy Light and Amy Graves

The start of Check-In!!!
Welcome, Your Journey Starts This Way! 
After moving in to our THIRD floor apartment (stairs, stairs and more stairs) we had more "getting to know you" time, put our stuff away and went out for Margarita. Much needed. These girls are great. I am so lucky to have gotten such a great group of girls to spend these next 5 months with!

The biggest news is I got my location for the program! 
I am working Concierge at Boardwalk!!!

This will be a great experience! Keep an eye out for the next post! Comment & Have a Magical Day!