Saturday, September 1, 2012


I know I skipped all about my travel down from Arkansas to Florida so let me back up and tell ya'll about it!

I left North Little Rock, Arkansas bright and early on Saturday the 18th and drove straight through 4 different states all the way to Lake CIty, Florida. I traveled through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and FLORIDA!!!

I found out my favorite snacks along the way too! I love grapes and chocolate mini wheats!!!! Who knew cold grapes could be so good on a road trip! I had to get my coffee after a few hours and I must say, a snack pack apple juice is a great energizer when you're feelin sluggish.

I had a wonderful breakfast at the Country Inn before I left for Orlando, filled my coffee mug and was on my way! Coffee, Yummy Banana, and a sausage egg mcmuffin! Yumm!

It was a 16 hour drive total. I stopped in Lake City which is about 3 hours outside of Orlando. It wouldn't have been too bad to just complete the drive but I felt very refreshed after the break so it was good!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Time is NOW!

The wait is OVER. The time is NOW!

After counting down for over 180 days I am in Disney! I drove down from Arkansas in 2 days. 13 hours the first day and 3 hours the next! YAY me! I drove through fours states in one day which is a fun little thing to do for sure!

I got to Florida on the 19th and met all of my new roomies!! After sitting around talking for awhile we went to downtown Disney where we ate dinner at House of Blues, met more people who were checking in with us on the 20th at Ghirardelli, walked through World of Disney and stayed up till midnight talking.
All of us with Mickey ears on in World of Disney!

After eating and talking for hours we all went took a 3 hour nap to be up and going at 3am ALL because we wanted a specific apartment assignment. Sitting outside of Vista Way Apartments at 4am is defiantly an experience...and it will test your patience. In the end, it was all worth it because we got the very last 3 bedroom apartment in Chatham!! Exactly what we wanted!! Yes, God and Luck were on our side! Talk about a happy group of girls!

Here are a few pictures from check-in!
Left to Right: Natasha, Garrett, Amy Light, Danielle, Amy Graves, Rachel

Back to Front & Left to Right: Chris, Garrett, Rachel, Amy Light, Amy Graves, Danielle, Natasha, ME!

Amy Graves, Me, Danielle

The Amy Roomies!! Amy Light and Amy Graves

The start of Check-In!!!
Welcome, Your Journey Starts This Way! 
After moving in to our THIRD floor apartment (stairs, stairs and more stairs) we had more "getting to know you" time, put our stuff away and went out for Margarita. Much needed. These girls are great. I am so lucky to have gotten such a great group of girls to spend these next 5 months with!

The biggest news is I got my location for the program! 
I am working Concierge at Boardwalk!!!

This will be a great experience! Keep an eye out for the next post! Comment & Have a Magical Day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bucket List Continued

In May I posted 4 things that I really want to do while I am in Disney, here are a few more for the Bucket List!

5. I want to participate in the ever growing trend to "Drink around the World" in Epcot!

6. This is going to happen and it will be the second time but it will be great! I will celebrate my 22nd birthday in Disney World!

7. I have wanted to spend New Years in Disney for a few years now and to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom would be spectacular!

8. Find a name tag with my name on it from a different country...and keep it! :)

9. Take a picture with Mickey in every park and in as many of his costumes as possible!

10. Attend Mickey's not so scary Halloween Party!

There is a ton I want to do and I can't wait to get started and show you all the pictures.

68 more days then I'm on my way!

Comments are always welcome and appreciated!
</3 - Ariel

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art of Animation

The most amazing resort is opening in Disney!! I can NOT wait! I have been waiting for a resort like this since I was 12 years old and now, finally, almost 10 years later it is happening!!

It's called Art of Animation!

It is directly across the street from POP century and very near Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort!

There are many great things about this resort. One is the location, another is that Art of Animation is a Value Resort which mean very affordable but, THE BEST PART is there are 4 wings to to this resort (ARIEL!, Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars) Obviously, my favorite is the Ariel wing!

The wings are opening at different times, here are the dates:

    • Finding Nemo Family Suites—NOW OPEN—Book Now!
    • Cars Family Suites—Opening June 18, 2012—Book Now!
    • The Lion King Family Suites—Opening August 10, 2012—Book Now!
    • The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms—Opening September 15, 2012—Book Now!

AND (drum roll please...) My birthday is October 22, my family is coming down the week prior, and I get to stay in the Ariel Wing!!!!!!! Yes, I'm extremely excited there is no other way to put it!

Here are a few room images.

Finding Nemo:


The Lion King:

The Little Mermaid:

One more thing...SHOPPING!!
Clearly I NEED the purple(favorite color) Ariel (me..duh) Art of Animation Shirt. :)
I hope you enjoyed this journey through Disney's Art in Animation Resort!
Comments are always welcome!
<3 - Ariel

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Disney World Bucket List

I am somewhere in the vicinity of 108 days away from being in Florida and having the time of my life in Disney! I tend to plan things out and because of this I want to make a bucket list of all the things I want to do when I get to Disney so when I'm there I don't forget a thing!

#1. The first thing I want to do as soon as I can is go ride Toy Story Mania. It is hands down my favorite ride. I have so much fun! So seriously I will be in Hollywood Studios and on this ride by the 23rd...I hope!

#2. I want to take pictures with all the princesses and get all of their autographs. I know it sounds childish but for as long as I've been going to Disney, I don't have this & I want it, so I'll get it!

#3. I want to run the Tower of Terror 10 miler. (This is in process & you bet your bottom dollar that on September 29th at 10:00p I'll be running through Disney's Hollywood Studios) RUNDISNEY!!

#4. I want to go to the EPCOT food and wine festival!!

Obviously there is so much more, so stay tuned for an addition to my Disney World Bucket List!!


</3 - Ariel

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting to Know You

Hello Hello Hello!!

Let's treat this as a "Getting to Know You"

I am a senior in college. Well, actually I am a senior about to graduate from the University of Arkansas. I walk on May 12!!
I majored in Interior Design and minored in Business Finance.
My favorite color is purple.
I love the little mermaid and the lion king...and aladdin :)
I love to dance, sing, and play board games.
My favorite disney resort is Animal Kingdom Lodge with Wilderness Lodge at a close second.
I love working with people.
I have one beta (Fabio), 3 goldfish (Anna, Julie, and Jefferson), 2 extra fish (a catfish and a sucker fish, idk what they are called) AND my wonderful puppy Jasper.

He is adorable right? Yes, I love him more than life. <3

I was accepted into the Disney College Program about 2 months ago and that is all that has been on my mind since. I will be a concierge at one of the resorts, don't know which one till I get there on August 20th!
See, it's official!

I have found a roommate and 4 suite mates!! It's going to be major fun! Rachel is my roomie, Amy and Amy are roomies and Natasha and Danielle! We are all super excited and have already started getting to know each other. Thank you google hangouts! haha

I plan on using this site to blog about the DCP experience and all things disney so get ready!

Tell me something about you!!

Love Love,