Saturday, September 1, 2012


I know I skipped all about my travel down from Arkansas to Florida so let me back up and tell ya'll about it!

I left North Little Rock, Arkansas bright and early on Saturday the 18th and drove straight through 4 different states all the way to Lake CIty, Florida. I traveled through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and FLORIDA!!!

I found out my favorite snacks along the way too! I love grapes and chocolate mini wheats!!!! Who knew cold grapes could be so good on a road trip! I had to get my coffee after a few hours and I must say, a snack pack apple juice is a great energizer when you're feelin sluggish.

I had a wonderful breakfast at the Country Inn before I left for Orlando, filled my coffee mug and was on my way! Coffee, Yummy Banana, and a sausage egg mcmuffin! Yumm!

It was a 16 hour drive total. I stopped in Lake City which is about 3 hours outside of Orlando. It wouldn't have been too bad to just complete the drive but I felt very refreshed after the break so it was good!

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